About Sugarberry Soap

Mission Statement
Mission Statement:
The cleanse the body, strengthen the mind by practicing self-care and help people express their souls using creativity.

Sugarberry Soaps offers a wide selection of bath and body products. Some of those include handmade soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, sugar scrubs, bath salts, loofa soap, salt scrubs, bath teas and many more. Each is designed to help combat the dirt and grime your skin encounters from day to day while making you smell sweet. Most of our products are vegan and none are tested on animals – willing humans aside. Learn more about being cruelty free from Leaping Bunny.

All our products have a recipe and our company does too; equal parts inspiration and determination add a dash of creativity and that is our recipe for success.

Vision Statement
Vision Statement:
Our vision is to be an advocate for those struggling with mental illness by promotion positive self-care and proper hygiene.
At Sugarberry Soap, we are committed to achieving business and financial success while also making a difference in the lives of your customers and our communities.

Thank you for taking an interest in me and my company. I hope that the work that we do inspires you to give back to your community. I value and appreciate every single person who makes a purchase or just comes for a visit. If you’d like to know more about me or my company, please feel free to use the contact page or check out our FAQ.

Essie, Founder/ CEO of Sugarberry Soap
Essie Beason grew up in a small town n rural Iowa. She has an associates degree in psychology and she formerly was a licensed cosmetologist before coming back home and starting her business Sugarberry Soap.
She lives with her dog Willow in Shenandoah, Iowa.
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